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2015 Baseball Registration

Begins January 12th thru Feb 7th. Sign up weekdays 5pm - 7:30pm at front office and Saturdays 9am - 1pm. The Saturdays are Jan 17th, 24th, 31st and Feb 7th.

2015 Registration fee = $100, includes full uniform

Player Tryout Dates & Locations

14U - Monday, Feb. 16th @ 6pm - Field 11

8U - Tuesday, Feb. 17th @ 6pm - Field 7

10U - Thursday, Feb. 19th @ 6pm - Field 9

12U - Friday, Feb. 20th @ 6pm - Field 10

Player Drafts: 14U - Mon, Feb 16th at 7:30. All other divisions are on Sunday, Feb 22nd: 12pm - 10U, 1:30pm - 12U, 2:30pm - 8U.  

First Games are Thursday Mar 26th & Opening Day is Saturday Mar 28th



2014 News

Congratulations to the 12U Navarre Black Ravens Select team for winning the 2014 GCYB 12U All-Star Tournament Championship!!!

Congratulations to the following Championship Teams:

14U Pony Division- Cubs/Coach Fowler

12U Majors Division - Braves/Coach Thomas

10U Minors Division - Pirates/Coach Beloat

8U Pitching Machine - Braves/Coach Thomas

Please see the Baseball Code of Conduct, General Policies & Rules which are located in the Attachments section below.

**Players playing Travel Baseball are NOT Permitted to play Rec or Select Baseball.  


2014 Baseball Sports Fee and Expense Breakdown

Baseball Registration fee for 2014 = $100

Expense breakdown:

1.  $40 is deducted for NYSA Admin Costs per player ($20 - Utilities, $10 - Office, $10 - Insurance). 

Net Registration fee to Baseball = $60 per player 

2.  Uniform cost is approximately $38 per player (full uniform includes MLB hat, shirt, pants, belt and socks)

Net Remaining Fee to cover all other operating expenses = $22 per player  ($22 @ 300 players = $6,600 remaining to cover all other expenses. 

3.  Umpire Expense - $14,608

4.  $5,000+ for Equipment  - Baseballs, bases, chalk machines, L-screens, batting cage nets, chalk, paint, scorebooks, catchers gear, catcher mitts, rakes, etc. runs approximately $5,000+ per season of which baseballs alone account for about half of that figure.    

As you can see, after our registration fees we are short approximately $13,000+ to operate.  We make up the shortfall with our fundraising efforts including Concessions, Dances and sales of Sponsor Banners.  We rely on our volunteer coaches and parents to support and help out with our fundraising efforts so we can have a successful season each year.   Fortunately, over the past several years we have had great support from our parent volunteers and community businesses to where we generate enough revenue to break even each year.  

  For Information on Baseball - Please email Daren Thomas at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Select Baseball Program - Navarre Ravens

The Select Baseball program was developed to provide the opportunity for Rec baseball players to play additional competitive baseball against other GCYB parks.  The focus is on player development while participating within the rules structure of the GCYB which limits pitch counts to protect our pitchers.  

The GCYB Allstar Tournament - June 10th thru 15th - location Gulf Breeze Shoreline Park.  Mandatory Coaches meeting Thursday, June 5th at 6:30pm at Gulf Breeze Rec Center.  

 Bat Rule for 2015

NYSA Park Play - All bats having the USSSA/BPF 1.15 Thumbprint stamp and/or the BBCOR stamp are acceptable and any ALLOY bat that does not contain the words "Coach Pitch" or "CP" are also acceptable for ALL DIVISIONS.  Composite bats are permitted only if they contain the USSSA/BPF 1.15 or BBCOR thumbprint stamp. Big Barrel bats are acceptable up to widths of 2 3/4".  Bat length and weight are NOT restricted to a "Drop -3" in the 14U division.

GCYB Inner-League & All-Star Play - All bats must have the USSSA Thumbprint and/or the BBCOR stamp to be acceptable for play. 



Download this file (2014 EOS Updated Tournament Brackets-FINAL RESULTS.pdf)EOS updated Tournament Brackets - FINAL RESULTS[EOS updated Tournament Brackets - FINAL RESULTS]1637 kB
Download this file (2014 GCYB_Rule_Book_REV_Edition_3-22-14.pdf)2014 GCYB_Rule_Book_REV_Edition_3-22-14.pdf[GCYB Rule Book 2014]412 kB
Download this file (Baseball Pitch Count Rules 2014.pdf)Baseball Pitch Count Rules 2014[Baseball Pitch Count Rules 2014]90 kB
Download this file (Baseball2014-Coach Responsibilies-overview.pdf)Baseball2014-Coach Responsibilies-overview.pdf[Coach Responsibilities Overview]13 kB
Download this file (NYSA Baseball Park Rules 2014.pdf)NYSA Baseball Park Rules 2014.pdf[NYSA Baseball Park Rules 2014]68 kB
Download this file (Pitching Log Rev 5-14.pdf)Pitching Log rev 5-14[Pitching Log rev 5-14]4 kB
Download this file (Sample Baseball Practice Drills - Coaches Clinic.pdf)Sample Baseball Practice Drills - Coaches Clinic.pdf[ ]64 kB