Board of Directors

NYSA Public Board meetings

The NYSA Board of Directors holds meetings on the first and third Wednesdays of every month. These meetings are open to the public. If you have any items, topics, or business you would like the Board of Directors to address please send it in by the first of the month so that the Board has time to review and prepare for discussions at the first meeting. The first monthly meeting is designated for discussion of new issues. The second monthly meeting, on the 3rd Wednesday, is the designated voting day. At that meeting board members vote on issues requiring board approval. New issues brought up at the second meeting may be tabled until further discussion can be had in the subsequent month.


Board of Directors

Larry Dixon - President
Daren Thomas - VP

Tina Evans - Treasurer

Stacy Wright - Secretary
Jim Brown
Darryl Watkins
Betty Melendez
Charles Forrest
Kenneth Huhman
Lori McKenna - 1yr term
Joe Roberson - 1yr term