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Football registration:

19 Apr 0900-1200; 26 Apr 0900-1200; 3 May 0900-1200;

19 July 0900-1200 (please bring birth certificate)

$135.00 per child

Equipment Issue:

19 July 0900-TBD


Coaches Contact Information

Mighty Mites (ages 5/6)

Silver Mighty Mites

Coach Brian Ney


Team Mom

 Black Mighty Mites

Coach Brian Scott


Team Mom


Mini Mites (ages 7/8)

Silver Mini Mites

Coach Paul Brown


Team Mom

Black Mini Mites

Coach Paul Taylor


Team Moms

Maroon Mini Mites

Coach Vacant


Team Mom


Mites (ages 9/10)

Silver Mites

Coach Steve Holland


Team Mom

Black Mites

Coach Kevin Ramsey


Team Mom

Maroon Mites

Coach Ken Huhman


Team Mom

Beth Day

Danae Davis

Midgets (ages 11/12)

Silver Midgets

Coach Pat Walker


Team Mom

Black Midgets

Coach Jamie Bucey


Team moms

Maroon Midgets

Coach Nick Young


Team moms

Juniors (ages 13/14)

Coach Damon Wright


Team Mom

Coach Pete

850 368-8372

Coach Ian Jones 

Team Mom


Note: age as of August 1st, 2013

Equipment provided: Game pants, Game jersey, shoulder pads, helment. All other equipment will need to be purchased by parents

Equipment not provided: Shoes, socks, practice pants, practice jersey, mouth piece, under shirt

Football Commissioner

Ken Huhman

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