Thank a Volunteer

Volunteers - outside of our youth, these people are probably the most important individuals in our communities. They've often been described as the 'heart of communities'.

Without a volunteer in our communities, very little would be done. You could pay for every last thing that's done in a community and it wouldn't take long before bankruptcy would hit.

Unfortunately, volunteers are not often recognized for their efforts. They do things unselfishly for their communities without the desire for a paycheque, but it often comes at a sacrifice. That sacrifice is time away from their own families and friends, or perhaps even their place of employment.

Life is better because of volunteers, and residents should make an effort to let these individuals know their services are appreciated. A pat on the back or a handshake goes a long way to saying thank you - job well done!


Impact of Youth Sports

When pundits discuss the influence of sports on American culture, they often emphasize the negatives: Michael Vick and dogfighting; the steroids scandals in baseball; lewd fan behavior in football; doping incidents in cycling and track. But below the radar of popular athletic culture is something that has profoundly shaped the lives of millions of Americans for the better: youth sports. A growing body of research is showing the social and economic benefits of participation in youth sports to be surprisingly large and overwhelmingly positive. Other things being equal, if a kid plays sports, he will earn more money, stay in school longer, and be more engaged in civic life.