NYSA Sports Fees - Know the Facts

NYSA charges an Annual Family Membership Fee of $45.  That one fee covers all members of their immediate family and it is paid once per year even though a family may have several children playing multiple sports year round.  The annual period runs from October 1st thru September 30th.  The first sport registration where this fee is collected is Winter Basketball and if the family did not participate in that sport, it is then collected in our Spring Sports Registration which includes Baseball, Tee Ball, Softball and Soccer.  This membership fee is separate from the sports registration fees. 

In addition, a registration fee is charged by each sport to cover it's operating expenses.  The player registration fees collected only cover a portion of the sport's operating expenses so fundraising efforts are required through Concessions, Dances and sales of Sponsor Banners and other related activities.  We must rely on our volunteers to support and assist with those fundraising activities to ensure each sport is able to operate through an entire season.    Below is an example of how the sports registration fee covers it's operating expenses. 

Below is the Baseball Registration fee per player breakdown for 2014:

Baseball Registration fee:  $100

Cost Breakdown:  $40 is deducted to cover the NYSA Utilities ($20) Office ($10) and Insurance ($10).

Net registration fee to Baseball per player = $60.

Full uniform cost: $38 (include MLB hat, shirt, pants, belt and socks)

Remaining Fee to cover all other expenses = $22 per player

Baseball has approximately 300 players @ $22 = $6,600 to cover all remaining expenses.  

Our Umpire Expenses runs approximately $15,000 each year and our equipment, baseballs, bases, chalk, chalk machines, paint, etc runs another $5,000+ approximately.  So we are usually about $13,000+ short of covering our operating expenses after the registration fee is collected.  Therefore, we must rely on our fundraising efforts from Sponsor banners sales, Dances and Concessions to make up the difference.  Please visit the Baseball Page for more specifics. 

Please remember that all NYSA Board Members, Officers, Sports Commissioners, Coaches and Team Moms are VOLUNTEERS who are NOT paid.  All that they do is balanced with working full-time careers for most of them. They put in a tremendous amount of time, effort and energy at our park to ensure we have a great place for the children in our community to play ball.  Please be sure to thank them for all that they do and sacrifice to help our children have a positive youth sports experience.