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Conflict Resolution

The purpose of this page is to provide tools for parents and volunteers for sorting out confilcts that may occur during the course of a season.

For Parents

What are the rules of conduct for coaches, parents, spectators, other volunteers, and athletes?
The NYSA outlines the expeected behavior for all these in the NYSA Code of Conduct.  It gives strong guidance as to what these groups of individuals should and should not do.

Does the NYSA Code of Conduct apply to a volunteer or parent or athlete's behavior on social media, such as Facebook?

What should I do if I think someone is violating the code of conduct?
resolve the conflict at the lowest level possible.  See "Steps to Resolving a Dispute" below.

What if I have an issue that is not addressed by the NYSA code of conduct?
the Code of Conduct is for guidance, common sense should prevail.  If you think the behavior is inappropriate, then attempt to resolve them using "Steps to Resolving a Dispute" below.

What should I do if I have a dispute? 

STEP 1: Talk to the coach about the issue. The most effective form of communication that may involve disputes is face-to-face, but we realize this is not always possible.  Alternatively, call or email your coach and attempt to communicate in a non-confrontational format.  If a reasonable agreement cannot be met, then proceed to step 2.

STEP 2: Talk to the Sport Commissioner about the issue. You can find out who the commissioner is for the Sport by visiting the Sport page.  email addresses for all NYSA Sports Commissioners begin with the sport - for example,  You can also find these email addresses under Resources>>ContactUs. If a reasonable agreement cannot be met, then proceed to step 3.

STEP 3: Talk to the NYSA Board about the issue. The board email address is [email protected] and meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm in the board room located in the building where the NYSA main gym is located.  You can email or voice your issue during the meeting.

What can I expect once I've made a complaint with a sports commissioner?

STEP 1: The commissioner will meet with his pre-designated subcommittee (that is set up to deal with these specific issues), along with the accused and those who filed the complaint. 
STEP 2: The committee will reach a decision on what action, if any, should be taken.
STEP 3: The commissioner will meet with all members and apply the consequences.


For Coaches

At the beginning of the season, Have a MANDATORY Team Meeting, including parents to discuss:

  • Team Goals
  • Your coaching styles
  • Your expectations of learning
  • Your expectations for the parents and athletes

Openly explain how you will handle:

  • Playing time
  • Positions/Position Changes/Position Tryouts
  • Tardiness/missing practice
  • Tardiness/missing games
  • Lineups
  • Substitutions

Wrap the meeting up:

  • Field Questions from parents
  • Give out your contact information and the BEST way to contact you. Give your email and your phone number out. Do you want to be called or texted?
  • Encourage your parents to come to the head coach directly if they have an issue with another player, another coach, you, or even another parent.
  • Tell everyone that you will be available to meet privately for questions after the meeting is over (then, be available)

Have Periodic Meetings, especially early in the season:

  • The can be done right before or after practice
  • Discuss team events, update changes to practices/practice formats, upcoming games, and so on.
  • Open it up to questions
  • then make yourself available privately after the meeting
If you encounter an issue that you cannot resolve by working with a parent then contact your commissioner for advice and help to get resolution.


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