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Updates from the Commissioner

Registration closes June 2
Evaluations for all teams on June 3rd & 4th

AGES 5-7: 10:00am-11:30am
AGES 8-9: 12:15pm-1:45pm

AGES 10-12: 2:00pm-3:30pm
AGES 13-15: 4:15pm-5:45pm

Coaches Needed

If you are interested in volunteering to Head Coach a team this Summer season, please send the following information to [email protected]. All Coaches must be approved by the Basketball Committee prior to Evaluations.  Bio and background checks must be cleared on or before 30 May.

  • Your full name
  • Your player's name and age division (if you do not have a player registered, please include this info).
  • A short bio that includes your experience working with youth, coaching, and/or playing basketball. Bio's do not need to be formal, a couple short paragraphs will be fine. If it's easier for you to use a resume format, that will be acceptable as well. 
  • All coaches must pass a background check.

Summer Basketball Program


Opens May 10, closes June 2. 

Registration fee: 
$130 and $55 Annual NYSA Family Membership Dues

 5-15 boys and girls 

What forms of payment do you accept for the registration fee?  Credit/Debit cards when registering online. However, you may select the option to "Pay by check", and pay at the NYSA office with Cash or Money Order, as the NYSA does not take personal checks.  No in person hardcopy registrations will be accepted. No players will be added to a roster unless they have registered online, no exceptions!

What basketball gear is included with my registration fee?
 A full basketball uniform.

When does the season start and end? Evaluations will be held on June 3/4, 2023 at the NYSA gym. The NYSA Basketball page will post updates for times. Practices will begin shortly after evaluations; games will begin the 1st week of July. The season will be completed on or about July 30th. All teams will play at least 8 regular season games and every division will have playoffs at the end of their divisions season.

Age Brackets

5-7 COED
 8-9 Boys 
 8-9 Girls 
 10-12 Boys 
 10-12 Girls 
 13-15 Boys 
 13-15 Girls 

REGISTRATION MUST BE PAYED IN ORDER FOR PLAYERS TO RECEIVE THEIR UNIFORM. If you need more time, or financial assistance, please contact the Basketball Commissioner.

What other expenses may I incur? You are responsible for providing your child’s basketball shoes and socks. Expect to pay $50+ for shoes.  
No outside balls are permitted inside the gym, no exceptions, and no NYSA balls are allowed outside the gym. 
All players will have Individual and Team pictures taken but you are not obligated to purchase photos. 

When are practices and games? Teams practice approximately 1-2 hours/day 2 days per week. Our practices will be held at the NYSA basketball gym and the open courts across the street (weather permitting). Each team will have at least one indoor practice per week. Games will be held only on weekends and each team will play 2 games per weekend.

Where are the games played? All games are played at the NYSA Basketball gym. 

What ages are permitted to play? 5 years -15 years. 

Contact Basketball Commissioner

Daemont Yates
[email protected]


It is easy to become a corporate sponsor today!
Click/open the sponsorship form below, fill out the form, email the form to  the email address below, and drop off payment at NYSA front office.

[email protected]

Basketball Rules


Quarter Length

Defense Allowed

Goal Height

Ball Size

5-7 years BOYS/GIRLS

6 minutes X 4


8 Foot

27.5 Inches

8-9 years BOYS

6 minutes X 4

MAN TO MAN/ Full Court Press Last 5 Minutes of a game within 10 points

9 Foot
13’6” Free Throw

28.5 Inches

8-9 years GIRLS

6 minutes X 4

MAN TO MAN/ Full Court Press allowed in the 4th quarter of a game within 10 points

9 Foot
13’6” Free Throw

27.5 Inches

10-12 years BOYS

8 minutes X 4

Half court zones allowed/ Full Court Press allowed in the 4th quarter of a game within 10 points

10 Foot

28.5 Inches

10-12 years GIRLS

8 minutes X 4

Half court zones allowed/ Full Court Press Last 5 Minutes of a game within 10 points

10 Foot

28.5 Inches

13-15 years GIRLS

8 minutes X 4

Full Court Press allowed until 10 point lead

10 Foot

28.5 Inches

13-15 years BOYS

8 minutes X 4

Full Court Press allowed until 10 point lead

10 Foot

29.5 Inches

**When a team has a 20 PT lead the defense MUST play half court man to man. NO ZONE/ PRESSING ALLOWED**


  1. Birth date as of December 31st of registration year determines age group player qualifies for that season.
  2. Each team is authorized three full timeouts and 2 30 second timeouts per game.  Overtimes will be three minutes in duration with running clock until last minute.  each team will receive one full timeout per overtime period.  Timeouts do not carry over from regulation game. A second overtime will result in sudden death, with the first team to score winning the game.
  3. Every member of the team has to play equivalent of at least 1 quarter of every game. 5-7 age players must play at LEAST 1/2 of each game. No player from any team is allowed to play the entire game unless that team has less than 8 players.
  4. For illegal defenses, the referee will stop play and send the defending team down court (no technical foul).
  5. For ages 10 and above, free throws will be attempted from behind the regulation free throw line.  Offensive players may not remain in the lane for more than 3 seconds.
  6. Referees in the 5-7 age league will use their judgement when calling the game.  The intent is to call the game in a manner that allows a flow of activity and to give all of the children an opportunity to advance the ball towards their basket without excessive calls for violations.
  7. Coaches/parents will refrain from questioning the referees about calls during live game activity.  coaches may request explanation of calls/non-calls during timeouts, between quarters, or at end of a game only and providing the conversation remains civil.
  8. Each player is allowed 6 personal fouls. Once the 6th foul is committed, that player is disqualified from playing the remainder of the game.
  9. Once a team reaches 7 team fouls in one half, the opposing team will enter the bonus and get 1 and 1. The double bonus is reached at 10 team fouls in a half.
  10. Coaches/parents yelling at the referee’s may warrant the coach receiving a warning or a technical foul for the first offense; a second technical foul on the coach will result in their ejection from the gym.  An offending parent should be asked to be quiet or leave the gym prior to issuing any technical foul(s) to coach.  If ejected, the coach will be suspended for an additional game.
  11. Coaches must control players & parents during games.  Head referee and commissioner will discuss any misconduct with coaches or players and could lead to a suspension.
  12. Coaches are responsible for providing a time-keeper and score-keeper for each game (recommend you appoint a dependable parent-volunteer to do this).  Only head coach, players, and one assistant coach are allowed on bench area.  Coaches must ensure clean-up of bench area after their game.  Coaches must ensure baskets are raised/lowered accordingly prior to their game.  Coaches must post lineups in scorebook prior to game time.
  13. All emergency insurance information will be in the NYSA office.

Summer Basketball Registration

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.


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